Who We Are

Being able to access truly independent, full scope, managed services has been a crucial development for operators and their technology partners in the deployment and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

Magdalene is at the forefront of the provision of vendor agnostic services which embrace all phases of the network lifecycle. Our deep experience in developing service concepts to meet specific network needs, allows our customers the freedom to focus attention on their core activities and target their own resources to bring best benefit to their business.

Magdalene provides services in the manner that helps our customers most.  In selecting partners to work with them in their network deployment and maintenance requirements, it is important that the service is defined and measured against the key performance indicators that capture the benefits that are sought.  In the deployment phase this may be time to launch, acceptance accuracy, or volumes per month and in the maintenance phase it could be network availability, repair turnaround times or response performance.

The opening of the telecommunications managed service market presents opportunity for operators and their technology partners to consolidate service supply, take advantage of multi-vendor capabilities and benefit from scale that they would be unable to if operating in isolation.

Magdalene’s capabilities are designed to cover the full network lifecycle, supporting the public and private, fixed and mobile networks.