Through a strategic relationship with Siae Microelectronica, Magdalene provides microwave connectivity solutions to private and public networks customers. The range of products suits short haul and long haul requirements with licensed and unlicensed offerings. Specialising in point to point microwave radio systems for cellular network backhaul, IP and TDM technologies, high speed LAN-to-LAN interconnections. Magdalene design the networks based upon our customer’s bespoke needs and provide the turnkey supporting services to ensure industry and regulatory compliance.

Considering the Last Mile, First.

As an intrinsic element of modern network infrastructure, our customers demand the highest quality, value for money and innovative telecommunications products. Magdalene promote and supply SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s radio solutions to meet these demands with leading edge licensed microwave radio products (from 4 up to 80GHz, including unlicensed frequencies).

Browse products at www.siaemic.com or contact magdalene for further information.