Magdalene’s Logistics Services team provides several critical functions for the business including spare parts management, customer own-stock storage, component provisioning and a return and repair service. The team also manages the safe disposal of waste and packaging ensuring minimal impact to the environment.

Magdalene currently has three warehouses, based in Belfast, Glasgow and Cambridgeshire. Every item received at the warehouses is tracked by serial number and held in customer specific areas. Each site has a dedicated team equipped to deal with any request of any size.

In addition to the core warehouses, the team also uses 13 Forward Store Locations (FSLs) and over 150 Pick Up Drop Off sites (PUDOs) through third party providers for spares holdings and project transactions. These additional locations help enable a full 24/7/365 parts service for field teams. All materials and services required for site work are sourced and purchased through the Logistics department.

The Logistics team is responsible for ensuring that every field engineer is fully equipped with tooling, corporate wear and PPE to complete their job. This is inclusive of specialist tools sourced via hire or lease and arranging calibrations. We also complete annual tooling MOTs for all divisions with ladder inspectors and PAT testers on site.

Working with several repair vendors globally, the team works to tight deadlines, ensuring that all faulty parts received by either engineers or external customers (Network Rail, Thales, Verizon and Vodafone) are dealt with efficiently. All faulty goods are either repaired or replaced, according to the support contract in place.