Satellite Radios

P25, DMR and MPT radio networks for public safety, utility and private network applications.

Through a strategic relationship with Tait Communications, Magdalene provides Professional Mobile Radio product solutions and services to both private and public networks customers. Our extensive range of products provide scalable open standards based radio network solutions that are secure, robust, interoperable and proven to perform in mission critical environments. Magdalene design the networks based upon our customer’s bespoke needs and provide the turnkey supporting services to ensure industry and regulatory compliance.

Critical Communications.

Since 1947, Tait Communications has been at the forefront of Professional Mobile Radio Communication development and customer network realisation.

Enabled by a comprehensive range of DMR, PT25 and MPT standards based products . Tait delivers customised, high-performing network solutions for uninterrupted communications that are reliable and resilient when you need them the most.

Tait specialises in creating integrated communications solutions that improve worker safety and provide efficiency benefits for some of the world’s largest mining, oil, gas and transport businesses.

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