Magdalene successful in Electricity Service Board of Ireland scanning telemetry renewal.

ESB has tendered for the refresh of their scanning telemetry network. This network transports business critical SCADA data from the High KVA sites to the operational control centre. Following an extensive 6 month trial Magdalene were awarded the contract to supply ESB with the Treo E-series radios.

The trial consisted of installing a fully redundant hot standby base station and three outstations on ESB sites. Extensive trials were carried out, which included transmission, and encryption testing. In addition all versions of ESB’s RTU equipment were tested for compatibility. The Treo network management software T-View was installed in the ESB NOC and was used to manage the trial throughout.

Magdalene were awarded the contract based on value, quality of equipment and service fulfilment. Magdalene’s ability to complete all aspects of the install including spares management, workshop testing, staging, and rigging in house was also a strong benefit to ESB.

The project term will be two years and on completion 104 base stations and 500 outstations will have been installed and the old scanning telemetry equipment recovered.