Magdalene Exhibit at the IET’s Water: Process Control and Automation Conference.

Magdalene attended and exhibited at the IET’s Water: Process Control and Automation Conference. This was attended by managers, engineers and technicians from the water companies, professionals associated with and contractors involved with the water industry.  The conference was a forum to demonstrate how the water industry engineers are moving forward to keep up with a new phase of technologies and planning to meet the challenges of the future.

Magdalene was exhibiting with their partners Schneider and SIAE Microelectronica, presenting our end to end telecommunication solution tailored for the water industry. Magdalene’s solutions promote the reuse of water industry assets such as water towers, reservoirs and pumping stations to construct a highly cost effective private wireless radio infrastructure. One of the current telecommunications challenges for the water industry is the upgrade of existing telemetry scanning radio systems from the current low bit rate to a higher bit rate. The drivers are:

  • The additional bandwidth required by the WITS protocol for telemetry equipment
  • Replacement of aging life-expired radio equipment
  • The need for secure encrypted communications for critical network infrastructure
  • Requirement for remote management of the radio systems


The above move to the next generation of scanning radio infrastructure will require additional backhaul bandwidth and the requirement for Ethernet connections to hilltop sites.

Magdalene had a fully functional demonstration of a complete system at the conference.  Which consisted of a Schneider Clear Scada (previously Serck SCX) master station connecting to two Schneider RTU’s (one connected by serial connection and one by Ethernet) and both running the WITS protocol.  The connection between the master station and the RTU’s was via:

  • A SIAE microwave link between the master station and the Scanner (this link provides both serial and Ethernet connectivity).
  • A Schneider fully duplicated base station. The demoed base station is specially designed for the high availability required for the most important radio in the scanning system, a cheaper dual outstation version could be provided.
  • Schneider Outstation Radios connected to the RTU’s.

The next generation Schneider digital scanning radio is now available and operates at 32 Kbits/s in a 12.5 KHz channel. An additional feature of the Schneider products is the Clear Scada system which has built in management software for their radio products.