DNWP Re-launch of ‘Dynanet’ products.

Dedicated Network Partners Oy (Ltd) has restarted production of the extensively deployed ‘Dynanet’ Transmission product, for which Magdalene Ltd is sole UK sales partner.

DNWP has acquired the licence to restart production of the extremely successful ‘Dynanet’ portfolio of multiplexer transmission products (formerly manufactured by Nokia), as announced on their website:

DNWP has acquired from Nokia a license to develop, manufacture, sell, and maintain the Dynanet product family. Through this arrangement, DNWP and its sales partners are able to offer existing Dynanet customers lifetime extension packages including Dynanet spare parts, hardware repair service and support services.

Dynanet is a primary access node product family with a broad range of subscriber interfaces covering high/low speed data, Ethernet and voice. Provided by Nokia, the ultra-reliable Dynanet products have served utility, dedicated networks and corporate customers globally for over 20 years.  To assist customers in extending the lifetime of their Dynanet investment, DNWP together with its resellers continue to offer Dynanet products and support including production and sales of Dynanet products and hardware repair service and recycling of reconditioned equipment.  Technical support and helpdesk are available based on separate supports contracts.

Magdalene Ltd is the sole UK sales partner and services provider for the ‘re-launched’ DNWP ‘Dynanet’ portfolio, as well as the successor ‘Connection Master’ products, offering the latest developments and capabilities in multi-service access technology whilst retaining the same philosophy of reliability for the long-term.  Magdalene and DNWP are ready to accept orders for selected Dynanet equipment immediately. This readiness exists today for a total of 120 of the most popular Dynanet sales items. We welcome contact from Customers to discuss their immediate and future needs.

Keith Lamport, Magdalene Sales Director, says: “As a consequence of this strategically important development, Magdalene is able to continue to support Customers to retain and maintain their existing deployed networks whilst also planning for eventual migration, providing dependable long-term operational service.”