COLT Extends Technical Support Service for a Further 3½ years.

Magdalene is pleased to announce that COLT has renewed its current technical support services contract for a further 3½ year period. This provides COLT with the key support services to maintain the availability of their critical telecommunications infrastructure.

COLT is a Pan-European operator that has a multivendor transmission network that covers 13 countries. Across these 13 countries COLT operates multiple OSS systems that are used to remotely monitor the status of the underlying optical network infrastructures.

Magdalene has been providing a comprehensive support service, including technical assistance and hardware repair services, to COLT for over 7 years. This covers their Nokia SXC (DX200), Marconi MSH switch nodes and Marconi & Nokia OSS platforms.

COLT has previously renewed support arrangements several times with Magdalene and has extended the scope of the contract to include additional vendor platforms. The current Magdalene multi-vendor support service covers approximately 500 HP and Sun Server platforms as well as the Marconi MSH switch nodes across 13 countries and provides:

• 24/7 Technical Assistance Centre
• Emergency on-site support
• Proactive remote preventative maintenance
• Hot platform disaster recovery service.
• Spare part management and EOL hardware provision
• Hardware platform evolution testing (upgrade, virtualisation)

Keith Lamport, Magdalene Sales Director, says: “COLT, by renewing this contract again for an extended period, has shown its confidence in Magdalene’s long term service provision. The service has grown year on year to now be a comprehensive multi-vendor support contract extending infrastructure life and equipment ROI.”