Magdalene offers service solutions which enable operators to complement their own operational capabilities in accordance with their own strategic imperatives.


Operators have been deploying mobile networks in the UK for over 25 years and in that time project methodologies have evolved as roll outs continue, networks technology has been refreshed, sites have been expanded and vendors swapped. Magdalene has been engaged in all of these activities across the UK’s mobile networks over the years. Magdalene’s staff have been at the heart of many of the main roll outs of technology swap programmes and have a deep understanding of both the technical competences needed and the processes and tools that support them.


There has been widespread coverage promoting the major operators’ broadband roll outs around the UK. These are some of the largest projects that the industry has seen for a generation or more. Magdalene uses its own, in house, capabilities of design, project management and technical skills along with its own warehousing and pre-staging facilities. All technical aspects of these broadband networks are in scope for Magdalene, whether it is the access network, the core, the carrier or the associated network management systems.